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BV Tapered Bone Level System(Hexagon)


Transfer Abutment

·Use for making general cement-type prosthesis

·11° taper connection for excellent safety

·Cross-section design for the prevention of prosthesis rotation

·Use a 1.2 hex driver

·Packing unit: Abutment+screw

·Tightening torque: 20 Ncm (narrow), 30Ncm (regular)

 Matching table for Healing Abutment and Prosthetic Abutment





Product Code Comparison (Bioconcept V.S. Osstem V.S. Hiossen)



Angled Abutment

• For path adjustment up to 17° axial angle

• 12 orientation choices with two types of hexes, A and B

• 1.2 hex driver

• Recommended tightening torque : 20Ncm(narrow), 30Ncm(regular)



Product Code Comparison (Bioconcept V.S. Osstem V.S. Hiossen)




•Uses specialized outer driver (354050)

•Used in screw type prostheses for multiple cases

•Prostheses is fabriacted with aesthetic-low cylinders

•Recommended tightening torque : 30Ncm



Multi-Angled Abutment

•Screw retained prostheses
•Compensation path in multiple implant case
•Up to 60˚ path compensation (two implant standard)
•Prosthetic fabrication on aesthetic-low cylinder
•Recommended tightening torque : 25Ncm(mini), 30Ncm(regular)
•Packing unit : multi angled abutment + screw + Multi-Angled Abutment Carrier




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