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What is Dental Implants
Why Choose Bioconcept


Why Choose Bioconcept


Bioconcept was founded in 2007, and located in Changzhou Hi-Tech industry zone. With the help of famous dentists from China and overseas, we established a R&D team with strong design capability. Our advanced manufacturing equipments and proven quality assurance system produced world class mainstream dental implant systems, which is 100% compatible with ITI system (Both implants and instruments). Bioconcept has been certificate by US FDA, CE, ISO 13485 and SFDA (Class III).

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2.Bioconcept® Dental Implants System

Bioconcept dental implant system is as below,

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Bioconcept BC Tissue Level Implant System

For Bioconcept Tissue Level Implant System, there is three types for the system, that is Standard Implant(S), Standard Plus Implant(SP), Tapered Effected Implant(TE). Their neck height is the biological width. The embedded column footing is easy for transferring and initial stability, especially for tapered effect implant. The root of implant is covered by pure titanium(USTM Grade4) and with S-L-A surface, which has excellent bio-compatibility and good physical and mechanical performances.   

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Bioconcept BC Bone Level Implant System   

Bioconcept Bone Level implants are suitable for bone level treatment in combination with trans- or subgingival healing together with corresponding prosthetic components from Bone Level product portfolio to provide consistent emergence profiles and esthetic results. The feature of BC Bone Level System is similar with BC Tissue Level System, except the implant neck.    

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Bioconcept BV Tapered Bone Level Implant System  

With continuous efforts, we published a new production line in the year 2016, that is Bioconcept Valued(BV) system, which is compatible with Osstem TSIII and Hiossen ETIII System.

It is hexagon connection, which differ with octagon connection for Bioconcept Classic(BC) system.

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3.Whole Life Guarantee

We guarantee that all our dental implants will be free replaced without any reason after implanting, all patients’ life, based on the conditions as below,

a.Original implant packing and label is needed.

b.A document "customer feedback records" should be filled in.

4.Products Raw Material

Implants Raw Material:Titanium Grade 

4 Sourcing From:Germany ZAPP company

* Raw Material Test Report from ZAPP company

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5.Implants Surface

I. Bioconept® S-L-A Treated Titanium Implant

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The S-L-A surface is produced using a Large-grit; Sandblasting technique that generates a Macro- Roughness on the titanium surface with an Acid-etching technique superimposes a Micro -Roughness on the titanium surface. The Resulting topography offers the ideal structure for bone cell attachment.

II. Bioconept® S-L-A Implant Compare with Other Brands

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III. “Bioconcept® S-L-A Implant Stability-Time Table”Why Choose Bioconcept-5-03.jpg

a. Primary stability comes with the Old Bone
b. Secondary stability comes with New Bone.
c. 4-6 weeks healing time.

6. Bioconcept R&D TEAM

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With the help of famous dentists from China and overseas, we established a R&D team with strong design capability;

7. Bioconcept Manufacturing

Our advanced manufacturing equipments and proven quality assurance system produced world class mainstream dental implant systems;

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8. Bioconcept Implant SterilizationWhy Choose Bioconcept-8.jpg

Bioconcept implants are all Sterilized by Gama Radiation and package in Entire seal asepsis production workshop;

9. Quality Control

Bioconcept is certificated by ISO 13485 Quality Manager Certification and invited KOMATSU to help us with Team Training Management.

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10. Bioconcept in World Dental Show

Bioconcept at IDS 2019, Germany

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11. Bioconcept Qualification

Bioconcept has been certificated by FDA, CE, ISO 13485, HPRA(Iceland),  SFDA (Class III) Click to download

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12. Bioconcept Location

Located in Tian’an Industry Park in Changzhou where is very

close to Shanghai, makes it very convenient for you to visit the Factory;

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Sale over 60 countries and areas. Distributor in Germany,Turkey,

Bahrain, Spain,France, Lithuania etc.

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